Grand Ledge



Grand Ledge Guidebook

Grand Ledge is our only local crag.  Please be mindful of the rules and respectful of the other climbers at the Ledge. 


By order of the city Parks and Rec. commission, please observe the following rules when climbing at Oak Park:

  1. NO RAPPELLING at the ledges by city ordinance

  2. Use of carpeting as padding beneath all top rope anchors is mandatory

  3. Use two independent anchors for all top rope anchors

  4. Do not top out on climbs, down climb or be lowered

  5. No top roping at the far west end of the ledges (towards the train tracks)

  6. Top roping the corner above Mossy Gully is off limits, use anchoring for Black Buttress. Do not use large grooves above Potato Chips, use smaller grooves to the west. Anchors for Alice's Corner are to be placed from the trail side only.

  7. Use chalk sparingly, if at all.

  8. Stay on trails and use stairways

  9. Climbing group size is limited to 20. All recreational and group climbing is by permit only. Climbing groups should stay together and not monopolize the entire climbing site.

  10. Do not leave old pieces of carpeting, tarps, or plastic sheets at the base of the climbs. Pack out all trash. Groups
    should dispose of trash outside the park.

  11. Please be respectful of the plant and animal species native to the park.

  12. Please be mindful of your dog if you should bring him along. Not everyone enjoys your animal


Due to the unavailability of information concerning Grand Ledge, Higher Ground Rock Climbing Centre Ltd. is pleased to make available this guide for all climbers. 

But first, the disclaimer:

Climbing is dangerous. This book is not an instruction on how to climb and should not be considered as such. If you fall and get hurt its your own fault. DON'T SUE US!! And don't think about suing the city of Grand Ledge or anyone else. In other words, when you climb here at Grand Ledge you CLIMB AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! If you are not an expert, we suggest you seek the instruction of a professional guide. You should not depend on any information gleaned from this guide for your personal safety; your safety depend on your own good judgement, based on experience and a realistic assessment of your climbing ability. If you have any doubt as to your ability to safely climb a route described in this guide, do not attempt it.

Professional guide services are available from Higher Ground with insured and experienced rock climbing guides. 

This guide is arranged beginning with climbs on the extreme right hand side of the cliff at the base of the steps on the overcliffs trail. Please be mindful of erosion concerns and stay on the trails. 

There has been a move by certain individuals in the past to have Grand Ledge closed to climbing. As a result of the efforts by the Grand Ledge Climbers Coalition, the ledges are remaining open to climbing. If you want to learn more please visit and get the full scoop.

Click guidebook.pdf to see the guide. DON’T PAY FOR A GUIDEBOOK. IT”S HERE AND IT’S FREE

The intent of the original author of this guidebook was to never copyright it so it could be freely copied and given out to climbers at the ledges. He only asked that if you received a copy of it you would please do something, anything, good for the environment. For this reason this page and the guidebook is not copyrighted. Feel free to download it and make copies for your fellow climbers but please, ask everyone who gets a copy to do something nice for the world we live in.

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