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Frank’s Mission Statement

To Build A Place Where My Friends Could Come Over And Climb With Me.

851 Bond NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503     616-774-3100      Climbon@higround.com

Higher Ground offers professional rock climbing
guide services with licensed and insured guides. 

We travel to such places as:      Grand Ledge, Michigan 
                                                   Red River Gorge, Kentucky                                                
                                                   Muir Valley, RRG Kentucky

                                                   Adirondack High Peaks, New York
                                                   Devils Lake, Wisconsin
                                                   Montreal River Harbour, Ontario, Canada 
                                                   Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada 


Due to the shortage of larger scale adventure sports operations in the Midwest and Eastern United States, many groups have found few professional instruction alternatives. Our programs focus on trust building among organized groups such as schools, camps, boy/girl scouts, outing and health clubs, business concerns and friends. We teach the value of cooperation and the necessity of teamwork.

We also offer special programs for teenagers and the 20+ crowd with special concerns such as diabetes or epilepsy. We have a team of WEMT’s Wilderness First Responders and Outdoor Emergency Care Technicians so If you always wanted the adventure of a lifetime, look to us. Contact us for details.

We have a permit or a reciprocal agreement in place wherever we guide so you can rest assured we are allowed to go with you. If we cannot guide someplace we will recommend another guide service to you who can. We do not guide where we do not have a permit so please do not ask us to break the law,

Transportation is not included and is billed at actual cost, plus a $200 surcharge per day of travel. Private Guiding Rates* Offered Year Round

Call us for rates and options We work with everyone from Fathers or Moms and sons to Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups. We have even brought  at risk students and alternative schools into the back country

Press here for a link to our Outdoor Guiding Waiver that needs to be filled out prior to your trip

2012 Higher Ground Rock Climbing Center Ltd. 851 Bond NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616-774-3100 climbon@higround.com