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During January through April of 2009 we went through a big remodeling due to water damage. New 3” flooring was laid in the bouldering rooms. the lower sections of the walls were replaced. one wall went through some major renovations. While this was going on we also worked to bring the gym up to fire and health codes by installing an Automatic Electro Defibrillator cabinet. Fire Extinguishers and Sprinklers. We have also installed special egress lighting that keeps our florescent lights lit in the event of a fire and power outage.  new exit lights, Fire exit door complete the Fire project. We are also moving much closer to becoming a GREEN gym with the installation of LED lights and energy efficient T8 florescent lights. We have also installed the largest hold made - the So-Ill Eye Booger. Come on in, we think you are really going to like what you see.

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The Vertical Flake wall with a nice left facing lay back on the wall on the right