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Frank’s Mission Statement

To Build A Place Where My Friends Could Come Over And Climb With Me.

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Why just take our word for it? Below are some unsolicited excerpts from notes we have received .

Dear Higher Grounds,

Thank you for such an exhillerating expierince rock climbing last tuesday.I had alot of fun and loved climbing. I’d never been rock climbing before. I got to challenge myself and face my fears and doubts in a whole new way. Thanks for the encouragement  - Taylor W.

Dear Higher Grounds,

The Expirience of rock climbing changed my life. I had a great day and learned a lot about myself and others. Thank you for letting us be a part of your sport.

    Love, Daniel

Higher Ground Rock Climbing Center

Congratulations on winning “Best Reuse of a Building”! Keep up the good work  -  Elissa


Thank you for a great time! Our team building was a huge success. Best regards, Shannon D  -  Kellogg Cereal.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to spend time with us and help us learn about ourselves. I learned that if I challenge myself I can accomplish an overwhelming goal. -  Brianna E.

I really think I was spoiled by the level of service at Higher Ground. You guys were always super friendly and helpful to me, whether I wanted gear advice or beta on a route. I really appreciated that. Also he routes that you set were way better than the stuff I am seeing out here.  -  Brian P.

Thank you for an amazing day! I learned to trust + communicate w/ others I didn’t know that well. I also learned to make goals + to try my hardest to achieve them. Emma D.

Thank you so much I had so much fun and i learned so much. The rocks on the wall relate to the rocky roads in life. I greatly appreciate yo guys taking your time to help me learn more about myself and exceed my expectations. Thanks again!  Sincerely Stephen A.

Thank you for giving me the experience of working with my classmates in a way I would never imagined - Derrick B.

I really learned how to trust people there. Also it helped alot with my listening skills too. Thanks alot! - Jack M.

Thanks for having us come and rock climbing, Possibly overcome our fear of heights, and just forget everything else and have fun. I have done this stuff before, but this particular rock climbing experience was the best! Thanks Again - Anonymous

It was very fun and i learned to push myself. I also learned alot about climbing like the ape arms and climbing sideways is easier and how to tie the knot. - Reid D.