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Frank’s Mission Statement

To Build A Place Where My Friends Could Come Over And Climb With Me.

851 Bond NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503     616-774-3100      Climbon@higround.com

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Since December 24th of 1994 Higher Ground has been offering West Michigan  the finest in “vertical entertainment” You have to experience us to see what we are all about. The mission statement Frank wrote when he first started the planning process for Higher Ground is very simple “To build a place where all my friends  could come over and climb with me”. With over 9000 feet of climbing for your pleasure and a rope room at 23 feet high there is plenty to keep you busy at Higher Ground. We have more bouldering than anyplace else in the midwest. Our bouldering rooms are 12 feet high and have padded floors with over 3 inches of closed cell foam with two densities. It is like falling on a giant bouldering crash pad. It makes climbing and falling and falling a pleasure.  We want you to have an above it all experience. If you have a great experience tell all your friends, If everything isn’t more than what you expected tell us, We’ll figure out how to do it better. Our goal is for Higher Ground to offer you the finest vertical experience.