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Some Legal Stuff

O.K. So here is some Legal stuff,

CLIMBING IS DANGEROUS. You are responsible for your safety. Whatever you find on these pages is not a substitute for professional instruction. If you want to live a long and happy life consider taking up safer activities such as finger painting  or alligator wrestling instead of climbing.

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Frank’s Mission Statement

To Build A Place Where My Friends Could Come Over And Climb With Me.

851 Bond NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503     616-774-3100

Click here to see Paulie doing some great climbing both in the gym and outdoorsPaulie_In_Pictures.html
You heard about it now see it for yourself. Frank completes a World Record for most feet climbed Indoors in one yearAnother_Movie_Funpage.html
Caution: May contain material that is inappropriate For Wallabies and Gerbils. May contain animal noises.First_Fun_Page.html
Click here to read what others have said about their experience at Higher Ground
“Kirk of the Mount” will make you want to fall upon your sword. Click here to see this gem we found on You-TubeCaptain_Kirk.html
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Our Custom Shoe Fitting is the best way of buying climbing shoes. Call us for an appt. today!


We are again starting our Kids Climbing Club on Monday evenings from 5:15pm till 7:15pm. Call us for info or stop in. Click HERE for more Info

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Did you know???

Mediocrity lies within your comfort zone. Greatness is just outside of it. Where are you going to be today?

Now Hiring

Are you a people minded person? Are you into teaching beginning climbers? Have you ever desired to coached young climbs?

If you answered yes to any of the above then come on in and ask for an application


We are now carrying 30,40 and 50 meter ropes, all at a perfect price for climbing at areas like Grand Ledge, or shorter climbs at the Red River Gorge. Of course we are still selling 60 and 70 meter ropes. Come see us for your next line